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October 31, 2012
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To battle they ride on their ponies of girth,
With bags full of pastries and hearts full of mirth.
You may not believe it, but really, it's true:
These are the famed baking knights of Cashew.

Shetland Pony Stock 1 by Meta-Stock

Their rolling pins fair were of strong, solid yew,
And they wielded them justly, and awesomely, too.
Their saddlebags bulged with the finest of bread,
Though some of them carried fresh cookies instead.

Cookie Necklace #2 by PetitPlat

For when it was peacetime--no war to be had--
They returned to their real trade, and the kingdom was glad,
For not just protectors, but bakers were they,
Making cupcakes and bread loaves and quiches all day.

Emote Baker by Web5teR

Coat of arms? A croissant, with two skillets below--
Not terribly scary or epic, I know,
But they liked it still, and who are we to argue
With the flour-flecked, kind baking knights of Cashew?

Happy breakfast - Croissant I by Elaiss-in-iceland

So to battle they went, and though their courage was true
The fight proved too much for the knights of Cashew.
So to clear up bad moods and misfortune divert,
They invited their foes for a nice big dessert.

Rainbow Cake. by hanaski

Pure silliness. I'm not even sorry.

the record, I find it ridiculous that I can't submit this to the lit galleries. Can't there at least be a category for illustrated stories? DA's missing a huge opportunity to help the lit community and the visual art community interact! :grump:
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I want that rainbow cake....
:lol: Oh my gosh, now I want cookies.
:cookie: Cookies are one of the finer points of life. :heart:

They are. ♥
ColoringTheRain Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Teehee this just made my day it's so adorable
Hahaha, I'm glad ^^
Sammur-amat Nov 1, 2012   General Artist
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